Aspen Homes Coeur d’Alene Parade of Homes New Construction Riverview Post Falls Video Walkthrough

Aspen Homes Coeur d’Alene Parade of Homes New Construction Riverview Post Falls Video Walkthrough

This is part 2 of a Parade of Homes walkthrough video featuring Aspen Homes development in Post Falls, Riverview Heights. This common space is specifically for the enjoyment of the residents. Aspen Homes is a member of NIBCA (North Idaho Building Contractor’s Association) and Michelle Garcia is the founder of Lake CDA Real Estate and Realtor with Windermere Coeur d’Alene Realty, Inc.

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Michelle Garcia:

Okay guys, this is Part Two of the Aspen Homes Development here out south of the river. I just did a video for the Parade of Homes, Aspen home there on, I forget what the street is called. Anyway, this is just a common space, open area. I forget how many acres, but it’s quite a few, and it’s just a nice walking path.

               So I think there was about 20-something lots, I want to say 25. There’s a few left at this point in time, while I’m recording this. But I did want to just show what they’ve got going on in this common space walking area. It’s rustic, it’s really beautiful. Very north Idaho.

               So you’ve got the walking path, a little pond right there, the basalt. They created, I don’t know if you could see it when I was over there just a minute ago, a little picnic table, and it’s just a cool, cool space. This road here just goes up to the main community. That is it. All right. If you’re interested in this or any other homes here in north Idaho area, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden, and that area, give me a call, Michelle Garcia. Or you can just go to my website actually, You’ll find everything there. All right. Thanks. Bye.