Coeur d Alene Climate, Population and Local Stats


Kootenai County residents enjoy four distinct seasons throughout the year. The region receives an average annual rainfall of 53 inches and an average annual snowfall of 37 inches with approximately 142 sunny days. There are approximately 120 frost-free days in Kootenai County, with the last frost ending mid-May and the first beginning mid-September. Temperatures are slightly cooler overall north of the city of Coeur d’Alene, especially in the winter and spring months when the warming effect of Lake Coeur d’Alene is most pronounced.


Idaho is currently the fastest growing state in the country. Much of this growth is in the Boise, however, Kootenai County in northern Idaho is one of the fastest growing counties in Idaho. Rapid growth has continued from 2000 to present.

Local Stats

•Coeur d’Alene Population: 51,303 (as of 2019) •Coeur d’Alene Elevation: 2,152 Feet •County: Kootenai County •Time Zone: Pacific •Nearest Airport: Spokane International Airport (GEG) •Sales Tax: 6.0% •State of Idaho Elevation: 738 to 12,622 Feet •State Area: 83,557 Square Miles •State Capitol: Boise •State Tree: Western White Pine •State Gemstone: Star Garnet •State Bird: Mountain Bluebird •State Flower: Syringa •Coeur d’Alene City founded: 1887 •Kootenai County Seat: 1908 •All American City: 1990

Distance From Coeur d'Alene

•Boise, Idaho:389
•Canadian Border: 109
•Glacier National Park: 230
•Missoula, Montana: 167
•Moscow, Idaho: 87
•Portland, Oregon: 377
•Sandpoint, Idaho: 46
•Seattle, Washington: 312
•Spokane, Washington: 32
•Sun Valley, Idaho: 481

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Local News
•The Coeur d’Alene Press •The Idaho-Spokesman Review

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