Coeur d’Alene Named Top 10 Places to Retire

Cd’A in top 10 Places to Retire

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Coeur d'Alene
Looking for a great place to retire? If you live in the Coeur d?Alene area, look no further. You?re already there. has named Coeur d?Alene one of the top 10 places for retirees to live.

Most baby boomers aren?t so lucky. Livability – a website that researches and ranks great places to call home – reports that nearly four in 10 boomers plan to move when they retire.

According to a story also published in World Property Journal, Coeur d?Alene offers access to affordable and quality health care, a practical cost of living, retiree-friendly businesses and services, as well as several amenities to help keep residents active.

And that doesn?t consider the area?s scenic beauty.
?I?ve been to Coeur d?Alene a couple of times, most recently in June. And I truly believe it?s one of the most beautiful ? and most livable ? small towns in America,? said Florida-based national travel writer and columnist Steve Winston.

Winston said he loves to walk around downtown, on Sherman Avenue and the nearby residential streets, ?past the beautiful old homes with porches, on streets filled with leafy trees.?

?I love hiking on Tubbs Hill, and kayaking on Lake Coeur d?Alene,? Winston said. ?And I think the local folks are very friendly ? everybody seems to smile.?

Coeur d?Alene is home to more than 20 independent living senior apartments and retirement communities, as well as places such as Lake City Center, providing seniors with a place to gather for socialization, educational programs, meals and activities.

?Not all seniors will move when they retire, but for those who do Livability wanted to suggest a range of options,? said Livability editor Matt Carmichael. ?As retirement itself is changing for many beyond a traditional idea of warm weather and golf, so too have our ideas of what makes a great retirement city.”

Coeur d’Alene has a lot to offer

Livability editors noted ?the city boasts excellent health care, affordable housing and favorable tax benefits for retirees. Downtown Coeur d?Alene features more than 125 shops and restaurants, and the city has a large assortment of golf courses and ample fishing.

Livability used data from Esri and the County Health Rankings to find cities with access to a large number of hospitals and doctors, and yet still have low health-care costs. Housing affordability measured by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development?s Location Affordability Index was also taken into account.

Several measures including overall cost of living, natural amenities, climate, number of golf courses, walk score, and crime rate were selected – with special attention paid to specific concerns of seniors and boomers.

They analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find areas with low unemployment for seniors and used data from Kiplinger to find cities located in states with retiree-friendly tax benefits.

Source: Monday, November 10, 2014 12:50 pm