Driving Coeur d’Alene / Neighborhoods / Mill River

Driving Coeur d’Alene / Neighborhoods / Mill River

Driving Coeur d’Alene, experience our beautiful lake town with many things to offer like a great local college called NIC, activities for families including large open parks, baseball fields, the local Coeur d’Alene Carousel and our seasonal events.

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Hi guys. It’s Michelle Garcia with lakecdarealestate.com and Windermere Coeur d’Alene Realty. I wanted to show you this awesome place. So we’re doing a video on Mill River and Mill River’s a unique, special place. It’s in the city of Coeur d’Alene and we happen to be here in October, which if you can see the trees, go ahead and span all the way around. If you can see the trees, hopefully it shows up on the video. They’re so vibrant and gorgeous. They’re just beautiful. So anyway, this is a fun time to do this kind of thing, but this is a waterfront park. It’s on the Spokane River, which just down this direction here, straight down is the mouth of the Coeur d’Alene river, I mean, Lake Coeur d’Alene. So the Spokane River feeds from Coeur d’Alene and it’s only just a few minutes up the way there to get to the lake.

                So we’re going to do, this video’s going to be, let’s go ahead. It’s going to be a little bit longer because we’re going to show you Mill River and there’s a lot of different parts to it. So, I’m going to take over here and we’re going to do a drive about in Mill River. You don’t need to it, automatically. So the thing about that’s cool about Mill River, so this area that we’re looking at right now with the park, it is a public park and I’m going to open the door, the window here. Oh, got to get seat belts on. Can you hold that?

                So this is a public park and there’s a private section to this park for residents of Mill River. And the cool thing about the park is in that private section over there, go ahead.

There’s a little covered area where you can have picnics and there’s volleyball courts and that’s in the private area that’s accessible just to the residents. So, but yeah, look at these fall colors. They’re just awesome. So I’ll try and stay as steady as I can here but yeah, the whole park borders this Spokane River. And we’re going to go out to show you the entrance and then show you some houses here And so this area straight ahead, again, This is all Mill river. Straight ahead is a gated area. Those are waterfront, really beautiful homes on the water. I have a client in there, but yeah, look at these gorgeous trees. And straight ahead is the roundabout, but we can go ahead and just turn left here.

                So, that roundabout that’s up there is Celtis. So, Celtis parallels the river, which parallels Highway 90. And Highway 90 is like our main freeway that gets you from Washington into Idaho. It goes into Montana as well. So we’re going to circle around to the right here and we just came down the street, but that’s how we get back in and turn right here. So this is, we’re on Shore View and we’re turning right onto Wood Haven. These homes back here, Mill River’s sort of separated into single family homes, which these all are. And a lot of these, I think most of them, have a back unit above the garage. So you’ve got the main house and you’ve got a driveway, a private garage. Some of these driveways are private, some are shared, but like that one’s a shared one, but super cute Craftsman style. Some of them have shake exterior, all different color palettes, but and of course we’re in an HOA community.

                Interestingly, so the HOA fees for these single family homes are quite a bit less than the condos that you’re going to see coming up. But yeah, look at that. So that is all of these units have a little, kind of like apartment above and they don’t really allow Airbnb in here. This is not a short-term rental neighborhood, but this is a great vacation home neighborhood or long-term rental neighborhood. So you could rent those apartments on the long-term or, so long-term meaning, I’m not sure if their minimum is six months or a year, but whatever it is, by the week or by the day is definitely not allowed here.

                So we’re about, I would say about 10 minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene. This neighborhood borders the Centennial Trail as well. So go ahead and turn right in here. So we are still in Mill River. We are going into the area where the condos are. So this is Green Chain Loop, and you can see you’ve got some ground floor entry. But a lot of these, you do have some ground floor only condos, but a lot of these are with stairs. So you might have a three level condo or a two level condo. The three level, there’s a clubhouse over there, the three level condos, some of them even have elevators. So, that’s kind of nice.

                So this is truly a lock and leave kind of situation where you could buy this if it’s a second home or even a rental. Again, not vacation rental, but there’s no maintenance here. So the HOA in the condos is quite a bit more because the single family homes… So we’re going out of the condo area and we’re going to turn right here. But straight ahead is more single family homes all within the Mill River community.

                But yeah, the single families, you got to shovel your own driveways and care for part of your own yard, whereas the condos… So some, some of that yard, the HOA would cover. And some of it you would be in charge of. So we’re going to go down here, which it looks like we’re leaving the community. We sort of are, but there’s another section to Mill River that has the higher end, you’re going to turn left, the higher end waterfront homes. And so we’re kind of going out, there’s a garage town unit down there turning left onto Hudder Road. There’s another part of garage town there.

                And then we’re going to swing off to the right, but just pointing out there’s another separate development, it’s not part of Mill River to the left there, the mill… What’s that called? Mill Place Condos. So there’s more condos. They might all be sold out. If they’re not all sold out, there might be one or two left, I think. So we’re going to turn left into Mill River Court, I think it is. And this is, I don’t know if you saw that sign it says no outlet, this is kind of a separate section of Mill River with the, I think probably by now every single home in here is million dollar homes.

                So the stuff on the right is going to be waterfront. Well, starting right about, I think at this white house. So everything to the right, because we’re paralleling the river now again is going to be waterfront. And the stuff on the left is part of this community. These lots are much bigger. The homes are much bigger. So the single families that we saw in the other development, the lots are pretty small and everything’s really snug. You have a lot of parade homes in here over the years, almost every year.

                Well, since I’ve been here several of the years for parade, there’s been a home in here. So it’s almost built out, but not quite, there might be a couple lots. They’re not for sale, but that haven’t been built on that. That was a parade home years ago. So it’s just a really gorgeous, gorgeous community. And what a time to be shooting this with all these amazing full colors. So hopefully you can get a sense of everything. You have this big open grassy area here, it’s common space. And then behind these homes coming up on the right, are those condos that we saw coming in. So we just had to kind of go out of the Mill River thing to get over here. So yeah, there’s a new one coming up. [inaudible 00:10:46] So if you’re interested in finding something in here or something like this get in touch with me, Michelle Garcia at lakecdarealestate.com. Thanks, bye.