Greek Revival

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In early American architectural history, architects and designers found inspiration from ancient Greek styles. Greek Revival architecture is grand in stature and style; it is often defined by large-scale floor plans, broad verandahs, grand entries, and formal rooms for entertaining. Details may include extravagant decorative and structural features inspired by the Parthenon, including towering columns, ornate carvings, and moldings with medallions.

These homes are quite large and require a spacious lot to accommodate the footprint.  America?s take on Greek Revival architecture was at its most popular around the time of the Civil War and is still quite prevalent in its most traditional form in the American South.  

Elements of design:

  • Grand entryways framed by large columns
  • Large front porches
  • Decorative dormer windows
  • Ornate detailing throughout
  • Formal entertaining rooms
  • Low-pitched roofs
  • Palatial in size and detailing
  • Inspired by ancient Greek architecture

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