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The movie ?Sleepless in Seattle? made the Houseboat synonymous with Seattle, but the floating home can be found on rivers and lakes throughout the world. Houseboats are usually moored, not driven from location to location, and float on the water adjacent to a pier. They are typically connected to power and water sources and sometimes boast additional amenities and close knit communities.

Houseboats are generally modest in size due to the limitations of being a floating structure. Building materials vary from wood construction and fiberglass to steel and glass. You can find houseboats in a variety of styles, such as nautical and modern inspired designs, and cozy bungalows. Houseboats are ideal for empty nesters and single occupants who enjoy the access and beauty that living on the water offers.

Elements of design:

  • A home built to float on the water, typically moored to a dock with access to utilities
  • Found on rivers and lakes around the world
  • Modest in size
  • Variety of architectural styles to choose from

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