Monarch Custom Homes Coeur d’Alene Parade of Homes New Construction Waterfront Video Walkthrough

Explore this amazing waterfront Parade home showcasing the work of local award-winning builder Monarch Custom Homes. This dream home on the river sits in the exclusive Edgewater at Mill River neighborhood in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The home features a dramatic water feature in the entry, large separate workshop, over 7,000 square feet of living space with a 4 car garage on the water. Huge great room, super tall ceilings, stone fireplace, stainless Thermador appliances, fireplace in the master bedroom, amazing views abound from most every window in the house, overlooking incredible outdoor backyard on the river. Monarch Custom Homes is a member of NIBCA (North Idaho Building Contractor’s Association). Michelle Garcia is the founder of Lake CDA Real Estate, board member of NIBCA and Realtor with Windermere Coeur d’Alene Realty.

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Michelle Garcia:

Okay guys, this is Michelle Garcia, and Windermere Coeur d’Alene Realty. I’m doing some videos on the creative homes, and I’m going to do a quick video walkthrough. I don’t know how quick because this is a big home, but this is an awesome… Wait until you see it.

               So this is Monarch Custom Homes is the builder. This front structure here is basically a garage. It could be utilized as a workshop. They’ve got a roll up door over there, they’ve got one here. You have this awesome water feature, there’s just so much to look at in this home. So I’ll try and not make it terribly long, but there’s just a lot of neat things.

               So again, we’re here at the creative home, so you’ll see people walking through. But since this is in the front, I will start with this big, awesome garage, workshop, whatever you want to call it. And then you’ve got all this on the side here.

               We’re in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and this area is called Edgewater, but it’s Mill River. So this open to… I opened one of these. So I will show you the Riverside Retreat, Mill River Court, so that’s some of the stats on this creative homes property. So we’ve got over 7,000 square feet, three floors, three bedrooms, four baths, two half baths and a four-car garage. So those are the stats. But yeah, this is just an awesome area. And we’re right on the water. This home won best kitchen in it’s in its class and category.

               So I’ll just kind of span up. You’ve got this big, open grandiose, great room. You have that amazing fireplace and there that’s a cool feature there with the clock. I don’t know if you can see it in the video, but those are birds for each number. It’s very cool. And yeah, these really beautiful floors. I’ll show you the outside in a minute, but since we’re standing here, I will show you the kitchen. So you’ve got all kinds of stuff to look at. This really beautiful countertops. You have kind of a different design. You have the white cabinets and then the dark blue cabinets here, which is nice. Of course, all stainless, farmhouse sink and you’ve got all Thermador appliances, which is awesome. Really cool hood. And then… Okay, Joe, how do you say that again?


Porte cochere.

Michelle Garcia:

Porte cochere.



Michelle Garcia:

You have a porte cochere, which I call it breezeway. But just learned something. So yeah, you have this really cool area, kind of a mud room and that goes out to that other parking or that area there. All kinds of storage, there’s this closet. That’s the other little garage attached to the house and then this nice butler’s kitchen area set back from the main area. And then, we’ll come around here. I promise I’ll show you the outside, but just look at the view. The view is awesome.

               So we’ll go out there in a minute. So let me go. I think the master is over here, if I remember correctly. So there’s kind of a hallway that goes to upstairs. Like I said, this home is very large. So this is master bedroom. You have an amazing view of that water, and these doors walk out to your own little area, balcony and that overlooks the grassy area that goes to the water. And then, we’ll go back over to show you the bathroom. Cool bathroom space, you have the barn doors. That’s cool. Nice closet. More than a walk-in, it’s like a circular driveway. And then that comes back out to the bathroom. Lots of cabinet, it’s really pretty countertops. I forget what they call that like a leather finish or… Anyway, really beautiful. And then you’ve got, this is all tiled. Really pretty. Closet, there’s a little water closet. You have the underlit cabinets, lots of features. Cool, so cool. Pretty, pretty. I like those windows of there too.

               Okay, now we will go to this area. A little small guest bathroom for the guest. And you come upstairs, upstairs is quite large. You have this big window overlooking the front of the house. Another big window for light. Nice lighting, just lots of stuff to look at. Okay. And then, you have this whole bank of windows up here. A little closet storage. Another room that overlooks the water that has a balcony. This is private. Yep. This one’s a private balcony. That’s cool.

               So whether it’s your guest or maybe you want to live up here, whatever there’s en-suite bathroom, you have every thing you need this one, private space. Of course, the closet. And then swing around here. That’s the kitchen, that’s all open. And then when you come this way, there’s this open kind of library area with some railing and that cool ladder system. That’s neat. And then we’ll swing around here, another open area. I don’t know if this is like art space or kind of a workspace. Another room that overlooks the water with its own private balcony. So with this one we’ll go out just to show you. So there’s windows everywhere. Awesome view of the water. And of course you can have your own dock installed.

               And then, this is guest bedroom en-suite bathroom, which goes through to that art space. Very cool. Lots of storage. Yeah, this would be such a cool workspace for someone. And then private area, no entry. Separate bathroom and another bedroom. And for them, this one is set up as an office, but you can use it however you want. Actually, I don’t think there’s a closet in that one, so probably it is an office. So then we’ll go downstairs, which is super impressive and that’ll bring us outdoor.

               So, Monarch Custom Homes has been building for a long time now and they’re very reputable builder. They have lots of high end custom homes that they do. They’re definitely not a production builder. I would say they’re a custom home builder, but they do build in communities. And so in our area, they’ve built in Rock Creek, Fox Hollow, this area, Mill River, The River’s Edge. So that says mechanical room, it’s asking us not to enter. There’s a lot of, I don’t know if it’s private storage or mechanical rooms.

               But anyway, this area, this space down here is the basement. There’s a roll up door there, another room where closet it of sorts. But this is cool because this is a separate bathroom and you have an exterior entrance to the bathroom. So if you’re all wet coming out from the lake or you’re dirty or whatever, you can just jump in here, take a shower, whatever, wash your hands, get cleaned up and go straight back out.

               So yeah, that’s that roll up door that when that’s open, it’s super cool because it comes straight out here. There’s the beachy area I’m actually going to come up here and we’ll end at that outdoor a fireplace, which is awesome. Super awesome. So you have this grassy, they’ve got a mix of a lot of different hardscape materials and it’s just really beautifully designed. So you’ve got some stairs. So now I’m on the main floor level and just overlooking the backyard and then you have this awesome outdoor fireplace area. Man, throw some good parties out here and that fireplace is awesome. And then back to the main floor, and that is it.

               If you are interested in building custom home or anything here in the Coeur d’Alene, give me a call. You can go to our website, All right. Thanks guys. Bye.