Points Of Interest / North Idaho College In the Fall

Points Of Interest / North Idaho College In the Fall

Driving Downtown Coeur d’Alene, experience our beautiful lake town with many things to offer like a great local college called NIC, activities for families including large open parks, baseball fields, the local Coeur d’Alene Carousel and our seasonal events.

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Hi guys, this is Michelle Garcia lakecdarealestate.com and Windermere Coeur D’Alene Realty. I’m actually going to do a little video here on NIC North Idaho College. And the, sorry, the sun is kind of shining in a funny way, but you can see, hopefully you can see in the video, all the awesome fall colors that we have. And it’s funny, my office is just across the other side of Northwest Boulevard. So we’re coming in here from Northwest and this is Hubbard and there’s, there’s a cool roundabout here. We’re going to go off to the right and I’ll take you to NIC first. I will take you to NIC first, and then we’ll go over by the beach area. There’s a specific area just for NIC beach. Oh, here’s my, okay.

                So the cool thing about NIC is, and there’s some other colleges over on the water, but NIC is like our main junior college, and we’re going to kind of go straight. So through the roundabout. If we were to go to the right here, you’re going to go left, that’s how you enter the dike road they call it. So this is off to the left is Fort Sherman. There’s kind of like a historical building over there. This is, this actually used to literal be a Fort. And they built that dike road because this area would flood all the time. But the dike road turned into a really cool, I go in a bunch of building here too. I forget what that building is going to be. I read about it. On the right here, we’re going to go straight, on the right here is gymnasium and the Student Union building, and that’s where a lot of events are and registrations behind the gymnasium and the offices. Straight ahead is the lake.

                You can’t see it from here, but if you were to walk up and over, there’s some actually, there’s some stairs there. And so we’re going to go off to the left. And this interestingly, this area that we’re in right now is how you get to the back way to get to art on the green when they hold that. And it’s funny because art on the green people think, because there’s so much going on down on Sherman avenue that that’s art on the green. And if they don’t make it over to this area, you kind of have to know where you’re going to get there, but, and there’s signs and things, but yeah, art on the green’s a big deal here. And I think it’s usually held in August. We’re bordering we’re, we’re going to go off to the left here and then we’ll come back around and do that dike road, but just to the right we’re going to, we’re actually going to the left, but just to the right, this is Hubbard again, and there’s the lake. You can see for people who want to come here, go to school. There’s just so much opportunity. Look at these cool houses.

                This area is called Fort Grounds as far as housing. On the right is housing on the left is the college. It’s kind of a hub, the college of a lot of different activities. We’re going to go up here. The next, I think it’s at the stop sign, turn left. This is the Fort Sherman chapel and I think they hold weddings in there. It had some damage on the, when we had that, we had a big windstorm and there was a tree that fell through or damaged the roof there. But anyway, there’s some really cute houses you can walk to downtown from there, but we’re going to, we’re doing the perimeter of NIC. There’s some buildings on the right and left. You can, it’s kind of hard to see with the trees, but we’re headed back down to the Student Union building, the sub, they call it. There’s auditorium in there to the left where some different events are held there. There’s a big auditorium and music. I think the orchestra plays in there, or you might have some events going on. Now we’re going to circle back around to, from once we came and we’ll take you on the dike road.

                But yeah, this, this is unique in that, these are dorms, even though it’s a junior college, they still have dorms, which is interesting. And then another vantage point of Fort Sherman. And that’s a cool building, historic and there’s some cool old images in there. We’re going to circle back around, go to the left and take you on the dike road and show you how cool it is. Fort Grounds Cafe is down there. There’s also the libraries down that way. We’re going to go straight now, take you on the dike road and this borders the, this is right where the river, Spokane river meets the lake. Down that way was the river. And then you can hopefully, see, The sun is kind of shiny, but you can see the lake here. NIC has some programs, outdoor certification programs where I forget what they’re called.

                There’s three or four different things for outdoor classes and certifications that you can get. They’re kind of done by over at the NIC beach, which we’re about to get to here. You can see right now there’s a bunch of geese. It’s kind of quiet. We’re in the fall season right now. So if this were summer, this the road is kind of packed anyway, because people are still parking, going to do things. But there’s a dock out there. You can go fishing. There’s lot of, kind of open beach area. This is all public. And then the struck. We were just over there and this, again, is down the hill there on the left is where they hold the art on the green. On the right is the NIC beach. And you’ve got a big open grassy area.

                You’ve got canoes and kayaks and [inaudible 00:07:33] stuff. There’s a volleyball court down there. You can. A lot of those kayaks and things. It’s a cool space. If you’re going to college and then you want to go take your break and grab lunch and just go sit on the beach for a while, it’s super cool. And there’s a lake. That is a tour of North Idaho college. And you can, if you were to go straight ahead and keep going on this road to the right, I mean to the, just straight is where the resort is and the city beach. Yeah, go straight. That’s Hubbard, that’s where we just turned from earlier. But you’ll see, as this opens up here, the resort is in the distance. This is, this little area down on the right is called City Beach. And that goes all the way to the resort. In the summer months when 4th of July happens, oh my gosh, this area is packed. It’s just a lively. Look at how pretty these homes are with the water view and all the red, yellow golds. It’s really beautiful.

                And then in the springtime, this little section right here is where the cherry trees are. They blossom, it’s gorgeous. They’re not blossoming right now, but that’s the city park. Just gives you an idea of NIC and how, how cool it is to be this close. You’re basically waterfront and be this close to all the activities and be able to walk to everything. That is it. If you’re interested in getting in touch with me, you can go to lakecdarealestate.com and all my info’s there. Thanks guys. Bye.