Pueblo Revival

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Pueblo style architecture is emblematic of the American Southwest and is modeled on the dwellings that have been built by the area?s indigenous tribes for thousands of years. These structures are specially designed to withstand the intense heat and arid environment in the desert by keeping the interior cool throughout the day while insulating the warmth during cool nights. Traditional pueblo buildings are built with adobe, a sun-dried mud, but new buildings can also be built from concrete or stucco. Other features include large wood doors, exposed wood ceiling beams and porch posts, and plaster walls.

Elements of design:

  • Found in arid climates like the American Southwest
  • Constructed of adobe, concrete, or stucco
  • Thick exterior walls to stay cool in the day and insulate at night
  • Flat or low-pitched tile roofs
  • Sheltered porches or patios
  • Rounded corners and entryways
  • Small, deep-set windows
  • Painted in earth tones

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