Spanish Eclectic

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Native American, Mexican, and Spanish missionary styles all converge to create the Spanish Eclectic aesthetic. Architecture in the American Southwest has been heavily influenced by the unique history of this architectural style. Similar to the Pueblo Revival, Spanish Eclectic dwellings are traditionally built from adobe, but can also be made from concrete, stucco, or brick to form thick structural walls, and rounded corners and doorways. Spanish missionary style can be ornate with inlaid tile, wooden floors, and round, flower-like windows traditionally known as ?Quatrefoil?.

Elements of design:

  • Commonly found in the American Southwest
  • Thick wall construction keeps interiors cool throughout the day and insulated at night
  • Influenced by Native American, Mexican, and Spanish styles
  • Low-pitched tile roofs
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Arched entryways and corridors

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