Tudor Revival

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Tudor style homes originated in England and experienced their American revival in the early 1900s. Today, Tudor-style homes can be found in modern-day suburbs all across the U.S. These homes come in varying sizes, but are all identifiable by their unique look. Tudor homes most notably have steep-pitched, interlocking gabled roofs, making them ideal for regions with rain or snow. They are generally built from stone or bricks, with a fa?ade of stucco and exposed decorative timbered framing.  Another common feature is a large central fireplace which was designed to function as the primary heating source for the Tudor home.

Elements of design:

  • Steep-pitched, intersecting gabled roofs
  • Stone or brick construction
  • Exposed decorative timbered framing
  • Large stone chimney and fireplace
  • Narrow windows grouped together
  • Arched (Tudor) entryway
  • Found throughout the U.S.

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